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Winner Announcement

We had a hard time to decide, but we are now finally finished picking 8 winners.
The winners are: 

The first place goes to kanashikatta. She send us a self-drawn picture of the 3 admins of this blog and a handwritten letter that was 2 pages long about why she likes our blog. Thank you for your hard work Yunji. 
The 8 winners will be added on our page under the link ‘blogs’.
Please send us your address Yunji and we will send you your prize. It’s a black snapback with the seoulnightlife logo on it, a top with the seoulnightlife logo on it and also a gift coupon (30€) for the fashion site asos.com. 
We were surprised by how many new blogs were participating and it made us happy to know that even new blogs follow us already. 
There were all kinds of blogs that participated, it was nice to look at so many different nice blogs. We once again thank you all for participating, it was really fun reading all your emails.

- Seoulnightlife Team -